White Paper ICO ADGEX

Statement of ADGEX Team

Due to the current situation on the crypto market, the lack of legislative framework and the tendency to its improvement towards cryptocurrency regulation in majority of countries, as well as many other factors, we are bound to warn you about the risks, which may cause deviations from our business forecasts.

At the same time, we would like to say that ADGEX values its reputation, partners and understands that you are investing your asset, pursuing the primary goal to accumulate capital funds. We are committed to achieving results we claimed and make the best we can!

Attention ICO participants!

We have no reasons to veil our project and cloak ourselves behind such phrases as “This is not secure under the Howey test”, “You purchase our token, being aware that you acquire nothing”, “We do not accept payments from the US citizens”, “We raise the funds to develop the project” etc.

ADGEX is a public company with 5-years background, consisting of more than 1600 shareholders. Our headquarter is in Australia. We are registered in ASIC – Australian Securities and Investment Commission that allows us to legally issue securities and raise investments. Our shareholders have financed manufacturing of effective high-tech commercial-scale samples of our products, so we are now ready to launch full-scale high-effective mass production lines.

We invite everyone interested in our projects, including the US citizens to take part in our ICO campaign.

The participation implies purchase of token “G” option – the official token of ADGEX Company, which is issued as the financial instrument on blockchain platform “Etherium”.

Token G will be linked to 4 products, emerged as a result of greenBLAZE, energyBRICK and VITIM Projects commercialization:

  • High-octane fuel from waste – greenBLAZE project;
  • Electric energy from waste – greenBLAZE project;
  • Electric energy distribution units, new generation of batteries – energyBRICK project;
  • New microelectronic products - VITIM project.

Token G (ADGEX Token) options are to be sold under crowdsale mechanism.
Token G options can be bought for ETH and BTC. At the “Token Pre-ICO” stage the investors will benefit 25% against the stage “Token sale (ICO)”. After the ICO is over, the investor will have the right to change the tokens to the Company’s shares at the rate of 100 tokens to 1 shares under the offer of derivative in the form of option. The cost of 1 ADGEX’s share is AUD 0.65 (that is equivalent of USD 0.47 as of 2017 / 12 /17. Having bought 1 ADGEX’s share, the investor will benefit 16% excluding transaction fee, “gas cost” and AUD to USD exchange adjustments.

Before taking a decision to take part in our project, we offer you to sign up your personal account and complete the KYC identification process.

Key success factors of ADGEX’s ICO

ADGEX’s ICO has 4 key success factors.

The first key success factor.

ADGEX is a Public Australian Company.

Australia today is one of the most progressive countries in the context of legal crypto currency regulations.

Since the 01 of July 2017 crypto currency in Australia has been granted the status equal to traditional money, meaning that all of the crypto transactions in Australia are made in the same strict accordance with effective legislation as all other monetary operations. It significantly reduces the risks of investors to participate in ADGEX’s ICO.

The second key success factor.

ADGEX is not a startup company.

It has a 5-year background, during which the Company’s team designed and produced readymade commercial-scale samples, meaning that all ADGEX’s products are ready for the flow production.

The third key factor.

ADGEX is registered as a public company. It means that it may officially raise capital in consideration of the company’s shares. After the ICO is over, every participant will have the right to legally change the tokens to ordinary shares at a set price under the offer of derivative in the form of option.

The fourth key success factor.

ADGEX’s token is not associated with some particular project, it is linked to the company itself.

Within the scope of the ICO, ADGEX is introducing 3 unique projects at once: greenBLAZE, energyBRICK and VITIM. At the same time, development prospects of ADGEX are not constrained by these 3 projects only. ADGEX is a business developer of breakthrough technologies. Once the first round of ICO is over, the Company is planning to roll out the next exclusive projects and products.

Projects of ADGEX are officially supported by
the Government of Australia

Today, based on the developed strategies, set milestones of capitalization growth, product readiness and highly effective business models of the projects, ICO of ADGEX is unparalleled and has a tendency to become an unprecedented international ICO with no rivals.

What is ADGEX?


ADGEX is a dynamically evolving company, operating in the domains of advanced exclusive high-tech solutions. In cooperation with our partners and shareholders, we create new prosperous future, shattering usual stereotypes that all modern technologies destroy environmental wellbeing. Our company provides eco-friendly infrastructural products, which inflict no harm on the environment.

ADGEX is a scientific engineering Company with a portfolio of unique game-changing technologies of the level 6.0. The company has exclusive rights to a number of technological solutions in the domains of machinery, energetics and microelectronics.

For different innovations we seek and practice various introductory approaches. The company has a unique experience in commercializing new technologies, we constantly correlate our methods and probe new solutions. The Company has created all conditions to introduce technologies in business environment. Pre-production prototypes of the first major technologies energyBRICK, greenBLAZE and VITIM have already been produced. The significance of each technology and the development sequence were defined.

We provide readymade infrastructural not only dealing with the challenges of large corporate clients, but also solving the tasks at the governmental level.

In August 2017 the Company gained the support of the Australian government – two project greenBLAZE and energyBRICK were officially added into Australian Governmental Program “BioFuture”. The present program is aimed at introduction of eco-friendly innovative biotechnologies in the existed fields of economics as well as at formation of new green core fields of economics, which will be able to swap dependence of the country on extractable resources for new energy sources. Our short-term strategy is to establish high-tech mass production of the products based on the company’s technologies and their further global market rollout.

Within the program, it is planned to deliver the first commercial-scale processor greenBLAZE with energyBRICK units to Brisbane, Australia for demonstrative purposes in 2018.

Description of greenBLAZE Project

The issue of global impact

Waste utilization is a global problem.

The world economy has and will always produce a massive amount of wastes. There is no optimal solution so far for a safe and cost-effective MSW (Municipal Solid Wastes) utilization. Landfilling and incineration cause irreparable harm to human health and the environment, however, existing processing methods are not always economically viable.

According to the UN, about 200 billion tons of production and consumption waste are annually generated.

Uncontrolled landfills and improper utilization entail the growth of oncological, infectious and pulmonary diseases.

The total annual volume of produced wastes in the world.

Industrial waste
Up to 200 billion tons
MSW (Municipal Solid Wastes)
Up to 2.5 billion tons

Today waste recycling:

15% incineration
85% landfilling
15% incineration
85% landfilling

However, even if highly effective advanced treatment systems are installed, waste incineration still causes emission of highly-toxic furans and dioxins, which falling into the category of carcinogens may change the DNA structure, inflicting irreparable harm on health of current and future generations.

Countries producing the largest number of non-recyclable garbage per capita:

South Africa

Example. Pollution of global ocean.

In the Pacific Ocean due to the peculiarities of the current, a massive waste continent has originated. Plastic waste from Asia and South America are driven by the current to the northern part of the ocean and form a huge waste patch. This "continent" was discovered by the captain Charles Moore from California.

According to environmentalists, about 100 million tons of plastic is concentrated there today. Plastic is not subjected to decomposition, even under the influence of aggressive sunlight it just breaks up into flakes. The major part of the patch falls into the patch from the mainland.

According to the UN, 80% of waste in the ocean is consisted of plastic. Annually 8 million tons of waste fall into the ocean. If the waste flow keeps the same, the volume of plastic in the ocean will exceed the volume of fish by 2050.

A film about the garbage continent in the world ocean


Mobile waste treatment processors greenBLAZE

  • The project of ADGEX Company called greenBLAZE represents a unique mobile energy processor for treatment of all kind of wastes and organic materials.
  • The processing technology is based on a safe and environmentally friendly innovative method of high-temperature vacuum destruction.
  • The greenBLAZE complexes are fully automated and self-sufficient and require no any connection to an external infrastructure. Processors are mobile, have a size of 6-meter container and can be rapidly delivered to almost any place of waste accumulation for its processing.
  • greenBLAZE processors require no preliminary separation of waste. They are able to convert all mixed wastes into highly liquid energy sources - electricity, high-grade motor fuel and heat.
  • greenBLAZE can be directly connected to the electrical network to transfer the generated electricity to customers. Besides, electricity can be stored and transmitted through the unique mobile energy “bricks” (energyBRICK Project), which have a low level of self-discharge and a high safety degree. energyBRICK can be delivered to any hard-to-reach areas by means of standard transportation, promptly deployed and quickly relocated.
  • The unique design of greenBLAZE processors allows creating mobile movable complexes on the basis of trucks or vessels.

Video about greenBLAZE

What is greenBLAZE Project?

The currently used technologies of waste incineration are quite perilous for people and the environment. The features are covert in the temperature mode (up to 600 degrees) – this is the very temperature at which harmful substances such as furans, dioxins, heavy metals, fluorine and chlorine are usually released. Then these substances are emitted into the atmosphere, even the use of filters does not allow achieving the required emission purification.

The technology used in greenBLAZE processors eliminates environmental pollution. There are no conditions for the formation of contaminants, as the cold synthesis temperature is over 700 degrees, so no conditions for origination of harmful substances.

Another feature of the processor is that the temperature mode is constantly maintained and equal throughout the chamber, and due to the pressure decrease, the temperature rises. Moreover, in the last chamber temperature reaches as high as 1800 degrees. Before the emission point, remained harmful formations are combusted. All heavy metals released during combustion are melted and recovered in solid form. At 1200 degrees, irretrievable decomposition of dioxins occurs.

The peculiarity of the technology allows obtaining nitromethane as end product. The cost of this fuel is hundreds of times higher than the cost of gasoline.

The crucial thing is that greenBLAZE processors can be interconnected and used with mobile energy units energyBRICK.

Option 1
up to 1.0 MW
Option 2
Heat energy
3 gCal/h
Option 3
Synthetic motor fuel
200 liters/hour

Competitive analysis of greenBLAZE with alternative technologies

  • Other types of MSW utilization and treatment (such as incineration or low temperature pyrolysis) inflict detrimental harm on the environment.
  • Similar processors allow generating electric and heating energy, but as opposed to greenBLAZE, they are not designed for fuel generation. Alternatively, the plants designed for fuel generation are unable to produce electricity.
  • Other plants are mounted directly on the site where they are planned to be used and can’t be relocated. Dismantling of such plants is labor-intensive and requires heavy expenses.
  • Production output is estimated during the project design stage. In case if it is needed to augment the volume of treated feedstock, another plant or long-term upgrade of the current one is required.
  • Majority of plants are designed for treatment of a particular type of wastes. Separation of waste is a compulsory procedure before the treatment.
  • Similar plants convert MSW into specific type of energy only. Rapid reconfiguration of the equipment is not possible.

Description of the project energyBRICK

Market problems

  • Nowadays the useful battery life is 5-7 years max.
  • Modern batteries can’t be discharged to absolute zero, 30% of the capacity always remains. This is required to prevent self-destruction of a battery when it is fully discharged.
  • The temperature of -20°C and lower cause battery drain and failure. At the temperature of -50°C batteries are irrevocably damaged.
  • Modern batteries are not safe and prone to short circuit and failures at cold temperatures, moreover they can explode at max load.
  • Modern batteries cannot be charged with high-amperage currents.
  • Modern batteries are divided into 1 groups based on their operating range: starting or traction. There are no universal batteries.
  • Recycling and environmental issues also persist.


  • The SEVA battery of the energyBRICK unit is capable of being charged with high-amperage currents in a matter of minutes using any traditional and alternative power sources. It can be completely discharged "to zero" and stored for a long time without loss of properties and technical specifications.
  • The SEVA battery is highly resisted to short circuits - it absorbs all peak overloads and vibrations, providing a two-fold safety reserve and the highest level of operability.
  • No need to obey the golden rule and charge the units from zero to full to extend its life: energyBRICK can start taking the charge from any level without compromising its lifetime and reducing charging efficiency.
  • The SEVA battery is a universal battery that can function as starter of traction. It is highly resistant to temperature fluctuations. At the temperature of -20°C it loses just 15% of its capacity. When the temperature drops to -50°C, the electrolyte turns into a gel without compromising charging specs, so when the temperature rises back to normal, the battery completely restores its properties.
  • The service life of the SEVA battery is 15 and more years that is 3 times longer than all current SEVA battery.
  • The SEVA battery is resistant to short circuits.
  • It is able to operate continuously at the maximum charging and discharging currents.
  • For example, Tesla's battery needs 8 hours to charge. SEVA battery requires just 15 minutes to charge and has 25.000 guaranteed charge and discharge cycles.
  • The cost of a SEVA battery is equal to a conventional battery.

Video about project energyBRICK

What is energyBRICK Project

energyBRICK is a unique fully automated energy storage solution for universal accumulation and effective storage of electrical power, generated by any type of conventional or alternative power sources. energyBRICK units can be connected to the electricity grid or any other renewable ways of energy generation like solar, wind or ADGEX greenBLAZE waste to energy processors.


energyBRICK represents several pre-manufactured units or “bricks”, rapidly erected at any required location to form a highly effective storage complex of any size and capacity.
energyBRICK operation needs no any auxiliary infrastructure and can easily withstand poor weather conditions such as strong winds, showers, frosts, dust storms etc.

This is an effective source of backup power for improving the reliability of electricity networks and the integration of renewable energy into existing energy systems. energyBRICK is an effective backup power source for improvement of grid reliability and integration of renewable energy.

Technical features of energyBRICK

Modular structure allows scaling up the power infinitely by connecting additional energyBRICK units. Commissioning of new units is carried out under normal operating conditions and requires no system shut-down.

All units can be recharged remotely using any external power source with no compulsory connection to the power grid and after – delivered back to the complex or any other place.

energyBRICK is equipped with inverter, allowing connecting the complex to any type of current power sources – traditional grid, solar, wind, and greenBLAZE waste-to-energy processor.

Operation and maintenance of energyBRICK

energyBRICK operation is fully automated and can be remotely monitored by just 1 operator.

Replacement of used or faulty “bricks” is rather easy: they are simply swapped in a matter of minutes for new ones by a single person.

energyBRICK units can be easily relocated from one place of operation to another. Thanks to low self-discharge level (5% of charge loss per annum), even transportation over long distances will ensure delivery of energy with minimal losses.

energyBRICK units allows setting up back-up power facilities to provide uninterrupted operation of all equipment in case of centralized power failures.


Indoor energyBRICK solution

The SEVA batteries can be used as a residential backup power source and can be connected to power grid or other ways of power supply. SEVA accumulate sufficient energy from power mains during off-peak hours and then power up the house when rates are high, greatly cutting electricity bills.

SEVA is a long-lasting and highly efficient back up power source to prevent power blackouts and outages.

Description of the project VITIM

The Market Problem

  • Approximately half of the microelectronic market requires “one-off” individual microchips. Current mega factories producing microelectronic components have nothing to offer, but massive batches. At that entire production cycle consumes considerate time as it is initially required to design the architecture and IP-modules, and only then – production itself.
  • Miners are well aware of how hard it is nowadays to acquire mining equipment and the time required for delivery after the order is placed.


VITIM is a unique and altogether new business model, which managed to divide all key intellectual and production chains of modern microelectronics into several processes. Entire technological process of chip production, starting from preliminary machining and polishing of a wafer to packaging, is divided into separate operations. Each technological operation is carried out on its own unit, which is capable of automatically performing required process for as little as 60 secs in accordance with one of the several built-in programs, and then – transfer the microchip to another unit to perform the next operation. Thus, mini-laboratories VITIM allow producing microelectronic components in “one-off”, small and medium small batches within 1-3 hours.

Video about the project VITIM

What is VITIM Project?

The ADGEX VITIM laboratory is a market format of independent mini-laboratories, allowing performing the entire production cycle of microchip and electronic devices within a single compact technological center. This format allows providing a highly effective integrated approach for intellectual development and industrial production of microchips of any complexity and creating new centers of competencies in the world of microelectronics.

The main idea of ​​the VITIM project is to form the market of the newest mobile electronics and create production centers, capable of individually solving current issues on production of microelectronic components and devices.

Project Objectives

The objective of the project greenBLAZE

The intent of the greenBLAZE project is to set up a production facility for manufacturing of 24 greenBLAZE units, designed for conversion of wastes and carbon-contained materials into electricity and synthetic fuel and operated on the principle of vacuum destruction. As the operation is based on the cold fusion reaction, greenBLAZE processors are not just universal - they do not have any harmful emissions into the atmosphere. These are the most environmentally friendly processors in the world.

According to the calculations, a full set of processors is able to generate the company's average annual gross income of USD $108.0 million.

The business plan of the greenBLAZE Project presented in White paper includes the investment raised through ICO but does not take into consideration promotion costs and remuneration of labor.

The goal of the greenBLAZE project is to raise through the ICO the following amount, including the project promotion costs and remuneration of labor.
$ 13 486 573

Net Present Value (NPV) based on the results of the project will be equal to

  • $ 225 591 509

The internal rate of return (IRR)

  • 131,80 %

The objective of the project energyBRICK

The purpose of the project energyBRICK – setting up of two production facilities to manufacture two different types of energy storages. The first facility will produce nickel-zinc (NiZn) batteries, intended for industrial use as energy storage. The second production facility is designed for manufacturing of nickel-cadmium batteries (NiCd) for all types of electric transport.

energyBRICK units are unparalleled in terms of mass-size dimensions, technical specifications and cost parameters. The calculation of business indices is based on the most downbeat scenario in order to demonstrate viability of the project from the perspective of competitive environemnt on the traditional consumer market in the existing cost-estimation models.

The business plan for the project energyBRICK, presented in Whitepaper includes the investment raised through ICO but does not take into consideration promotion costs and remuneration of labor.

The goal of the energyBRICK project is to raise through the ICO the following amount, including the project promotion costs and remuneration of labor.
$ 22 365 008

At that, average annual gross income will amount to

  • $ 15 000 000

Net Present Value (NPV), following the results of the Project, will be equal to

  • $ 54 197 263

The internal rate of return (IRR)

  • 62,35 %

The objective of the VITIM project

The goal of the VITIM project is to establish two mobile and universal microelectronic production facilities within a single new unparalleled VITIM laboratory of the AIDL (Agile Integrated Device Laboratory) format. The first production facility is Foundry manufacturing of chips on the basis of the modular system of Japanese units minimalFAB. The second production facility is a plot of ideal single crystal synthesis.

Technological approach VITIM will give a matchless global competitive strength in production of microchips of any complexity, starting from an “one-off” production to unlimited batches with a gross annual turnover of about US $ 23.5 M. The calculations are made under the most downbeat scenario.

Global market volume for such business model is min $ 175 bln. with no rivals at all.

The goal of the VITIM project is to raise through the ICO the following amount, including the project promotion costs and remuneration of labor.
$ 26 621 792

The average Net Present Value (NPV) of both production facilities following the results of the project, equals to

  • $ 62 526 346

The Internal Rate of Return (IRR)

  • 50,4 %

Technical basis of ADGEX’s ICO


Token G of ADGEX Company is created on the basis of Etherium, ERC-20.

Security of your funds

  • The collected funds within the Pre-ICO and ICO stages are accumulated in digital wallets ETH and BTC;
  • We’d like to pay your attention that before the acquisition of G Tokens, you are required to complete KYC verification procedure in your personal account;
  • All data stored in the investors’ personal accounts has a solid protection levels;
  • The company’s personnel have no any access to the users’ accounts;
  • Accrual of Tokens in exchange for ETH is carried out automatically;
  • Accrual of Tokens for BTC requires a little more time to conduct a transaction from our part.

When transferring ETH

The official address of smart-contract of Token G:
  • When transferring ETH, we do recommend using wallet;
  • We strongly recommend checking the wallet domain before you decide to sign up or log in;
  • Never transfer ETH from stock exchange wallets! You won’t get Token G in return!
  • We recommend you to specify at least 300 000 gas when transferring us ETH so that transactions are definitely to be processed;
The address to Token G for registration in wallet:
  • The minimum payment is 0.05 ETH, the maximum payment is not limited;
  • Token G is accrued immediately once the ETH is received.

When transferring BTC

The official address of smart-contract of Token G:

As the Token is created on the Ethereum platform, which allows us to accept only ETH, we provide the opportunity for BTC owners (Bitcoin) to participate in our ICO.

  • Before you send us BTC, we do recommend you to sign up to a wallet (for accruals of Tokens G);
  • We strongly recommend you to check the wallet’s domain before you sign up and log in;
  • Then, using a special form in your account, send us the wallet’s number you were assigned when signed up at and the number from which you are going to send the BTC tokens;
  • There are no restrictions on BTC wallets, you can send BTC from any wallet, including stock exchange;
The address to Token G for registration in wallet:

We would like to pay a separate attention to the fact that collected funds are accumulated exclusively to launch the projects, promote and develop ADGEX’s eco-system (a pool of present and future projects). We are extremely interested in their support and development, and we closely follow the events involving Token G as it represents the future of the company.

The participant of ADGEX’s ICO is personally liable for compliance with the legislation of his country of residence (citizenship).

Forecast of Token growth. Promotion strategies.

The task we set to ourselves is extremely ambitious. We are going to make ADGEX Token (Token G) a number one ranked currency in the world! To achieve the assigned objectives when the ICO is run and the projects are commercialized, we are planning to use 2 strategies, creating pre-requisites for the growth of the Company’s capitalization, its shares and the issued Token.

The projects summary.

We present at ICO three high-tech unique and unparalleled projects at once.

  • greenBLAZE is a waste to energy processor with recovery of high-octane fuel and electric energy.
  • energyBRICK is a new generation of batteries, making it possible to transport electric energy to any place of the world without any losses.
  • VITIM represents the laboratory for small-scale production of microchips.

Please, find detailed information, business plans and roadmaps in the present White paper.

Strategy No 1.

The strategy purpose: Increase the capitalization of the company.

Solution: Launch a high-profit business process of greenBLAZE and energyBRICK projects.

Income sources:

  • Profit generation from waste processing.
  • Profit generation from sale of a processing by-product: high-octane fuel.
  • Profit generation from sale of electricity generated from waste.

Pessimistic profit forecast - min 100% per year


The value of the company rises following the capital appreciation as a result of the company’s revenue growth.

This is the very reason why we’d like to make the greenBLAZE and energyBRICK a strategical core to boost the company’s capitalization.

Raised money through the ICO will be channeled to production of 24 waste-to-energy processors greenBLAZE and energy storages energyBRICK as well as the project’s promotion activities.

  • The manufactured processors are not planned to be sold, they will be used as the company’s income source.
  • The projects greenBLAZE and energyBRICK are officially supported by the Government of Australia and included into the Australian Governmental Program "BioFuture".
Strategy No 2.

The goal of the strategy: Creation of the eco-system ADGEX. Support of the demand for ADGEX Token.

Solution: Launch of the revolutionary production facility of small-scale batches of microchips on the basis of Japanese mobile units minimalFab.
Commercialization of manufactured microchips for ADGEX tokens only.

Source of demand for the Token:

  • High demand for small batches of microchips on the market of microelectronics.

We create the ECO system ADGEX, where the company’s Token (Token G) serves as the connecting link between the manufactured products and the customer.

On one hand, we create microchip production facility, the demand for which exceeds the market supply. On the other hand, we create demand for the company's Token since produced microchips will be available for purchase for ADGEX Token (Token G) only.

Raised money through the ICO will be channeled to purchase minimalFAB units, to start production of microchips and the project promotion.


We are going to provide an opportunity for the ICO participants to exchange purchased Tokens for ADGEX Shares, meaning that you will be able to both trade ADGEX Token (Token G) on crypto stock markets and exchange it for the Company’s shares under the derivative in the form of option.
To make this happen, after the ICO is over, we are planning to develop an exchange algorithm of tokens for the company’s shares and to get listed on at least 8 stock markets.
The list of stock markets is to be announced later.

We want to be as open to our investors as possible, and the scenario of the ICO we offer is as clear and transparent as possible. We are ready to provide detailed reports on all the key issues reflecting the real progress and dynamics of the project development.

Issue of Token. Participation of investors.

Investors are expected to participate in the project through the purchase of the Token G (Token ADGEX) derivative in the from of option, which is implemented as a financial instrument on the blockchain-platform Ethereum.
Token G is backed by 4 products of the projects greenBLAZE, energyBRICK and VITIM.
High-octane fuel produced from the processed waste. greenBLAZE project.
Electric energy generated from the processed waste. GreenBLAZE project.
Electric energy transmission units, new type of batteries. energyBRICK Project.
Microelectronics. VITIM Project.

Token G (ADGEX Token) derivatives are to be sold under crowdsale mechanism.
It will be possible to acquire Token G (Token ADGEX) option for ETH and BTC.

Crowdsale includes 2 stages:

  • Stage 1: Pre ICO
  • Stage 2: ICO (the main stage of crowdsale)

Crowdsale is conducted on the Ethereum platform using a smart-contract.

At the same time, we developed a solution to receive BTC.

Since at the time of ICO exchange rates of ETH / USD and BTC / USD constantly fluctuate, all calculations are given in USD.

The main objective is to raise $ 62 473 373 to launch 3 projects.

ICO is deemed successful in case if the funds for any of the projects are raised.

The funds required to run each project separately:

  • greenBLAZE - $ 13 486 573
  • energyBRICK - $ 22 365 008
  • VITIM - $ 26 621 792

Tokens are sold at a fixed price – 1 000 ADGEX (G) Tokens = $ 4.05

The Token value is fixed in the US dollars at the time of crowdsale start and remains constant throughout the entire ICO phase.

Benefits for investors:

At the Pre ICO stage the investor benefits 25% as compared to the ICO stage;
After the ICO each investor may exchange 100 tokens for 1 share of ADGEX LTD Company under the derivative in the form of option;
The value of 1 share as of 01/12/2017 is AUD $ 0.65 (that is equivalent to USD $ 0.47).
The benefit of exchanging ADGEX shares for Tokens - 16% (excluding commission fees for transactions, "gas cost" and USD to AUD exchange rates fluctuation)
Pre ICO is constrained by the amount to raise - $ 6 247 337 (that is equivalent of 10% of the total amount to raise).
Pre ICO period - 1 month.
ICO period – until the entire amount required to launch all 3 projects is raised.
The Tokens issue is – 19 000 000 000 of Tokens G.
Such a massive number of Tokens is stipulated by its extremely low price and the prospects for a large demand for the products of the VITIM project.

Due to volatility of currency rates, we issued ADGEX Tokens with plenty to spare.
We undertake to destroy the Token G remained unwanted after the ICO.

The funds raised during crowdsale are to be channeled for:

  • Organization of the production process and manufacturing of 24 greenBLAZE processors;
  • Setting up a production line to manufacture the batteries of the project energyBRICK;
  • Purchase of minimalFAB units and launch of a microelectronic laboratory of the VITIM project;
  • Organization of business processes;
  • Promotion of greenBLAZE, energeBRICK and VITIM projects;
  • Marketing and promotion of crowdsale.

In the event the ICO's minimum objective is not achieved, all raised funds are returned back to investors, less the transaction fees and "gas costs".

ICO Structure

We have developed a special scenario for the most transparent ICO. The exchange rate will depend on the success of the specific project. We provide detailed reports on all the key issues, that reflect the real progress and dynamics of the project.

In accordance with our schedule, the value of Token will experience a significant growth.

Documents to download

Buy tokens

Token G will be transferred to you immediately after ETC is receipted.


ATTENTION!Before transferring Bitcoin, please, contact us at
Otherwise we can’t send you Token G in return.